Posemuckl Farm is located in the heart of the California gold country south of
Placerville and about an hour drive from Sacramento (west) and Lake Tahoe
(east). The word Posemuckl is a German slang for boondocks, which is what this
area used to be until all the wineries came in and made it a popular tourist

Though mainly a training facility for dressage and Cowboy Dressage, all our
horses are cross- trained and get to regularly go on the trail as well! We also offer
specialty boarding, like lay-ups, retirements, mare and foal care and vacation
boarding. Breeding on a small scale we occasionally have quality youngsters for
sale as well! Our foals are raised in a herd environment on large pastures of rolling
hills to ensure the best development of body and mind. Babies are handled
regularly and taught early on to tie, lead, stand for the farrier and respect humans!

Martina Bone is a graduate of UC Davis and worked as a genetic scientist until
2004. She is now applying her scientific knowledge and love for research to
breeding, raising and training horses. Being a perfectionist Martina strives to
create the ultimate equine partner for you! A lifelong horsewoman and
accomplished rider Martina grew up in Germany and has many years of  traditional
training to apply to the business!

When Martina was asked to judge the first Cowboy Dressage finals in 2013 she
immediately felt at home in the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that Cowboy
Dressage has created. She has always lived the philosophy of putting the horse
first and wholeheartedly embraces this wonderful new discipline. She is now
judging and teaching nationally and internationally and is available for clinics!
Martina and Satyn
And this is how our babies are raised:
Herd environment, large pastures, lots of socialization! Carefully and correctly started under saddle without gadgets and
always with the horse's physical and mental maturity in mind! The result: Healthy bodies and minds!
Photo by Leslie Deutsch