Martina teaching at Greenstone Country
Here the horse always comes first! Martina's goal is to teach her students how to achieve a harmonious
ride through a balanced seat and correctly applied aids. Only when the horse is happy and working
correctly can further training be achieved!

Located in Somerset, southeast of Placerville, Posemuckl Farm features a full size dressage court,
Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court and 60' round pen. Martina Bone constructs her lesson plans to each
student's and horse's individual needs! A 3rd degree brown belt in Karate and former Kick-boxing
instructor Martina is uniquely able to address balance and possible physical issues by working on targeted
exercises as they apply to dressage.

Martina started riding at the age of 5 and at age 10 joined the strict German riding school system where
she was trained in the classical aspects of dressage as well as jumping! After coming to the US, Martina
continued her riding career and actively showed in Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. She is a
L-judge with distinction and when asked to judge the first Cowboy Dressage Finals in 2013 found her t
calling. Martina is closely involved with the development of this exciting new discipline and spreading the
word to riders to discover "soft feel" and a harmonious partnership with their horse. Creating a willing and
happy horse has always been Martina's main objective and
Eitan Beth-Halachmy's vision is close to her
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Martina now travels all over the world teaching Cowboy Dressage and has judged the first CD finals in
Canada, as well as all the finals in the US and the first Cowboy Dressage show in Europe! For more info
on clinics go to the News page or contact Martina directly.
"An 1. 2. und 3. Stelle kommt das Pferd! Dann erst der Reiter!"
Clinic with Olympian Lisa Wilcox at Bridlewood
Equestrian Center
Pictures taken by Gigi Cunliffe
"Xenophon was the first one to claim that horses can become only more beautiful with correct training, never uglier. I would like to add
to this that if the horse becomes uglier in the course of his work, it is the unmistakable proof of incorrect dressage training." -
A.Podhajsky, 1965
Silvia on her Icelandic Horse "Von", Christine on her Arab/Sattelbred "Mavy" and Michaela on her Hanoverian "Freja".
4th level ride video
Riding in the Challenge