JoAnn Rawkmom Gillespie:
Martina has been so supportive of our journey and I read all her comments on my tests over and over. 2 years ago
we were getting 50's from her this year there were some 70's so we are getting there slowly but surely.

From the owner of one of our retirement boarders:

Hi Martina!  Thank you so much for your excellent care of Wind.  Every time we visit she looks so happy and
healthy. I can tell she has found her forever home with you and your family and amazing herd of horses.  
Annika and I are very grateful she is at Posemuckl Farm!  Thank you also for the great pictures you send us
of her.  Our family loves the updates and the consistent communication we get from you regarding Wind.
See you soon!
Anne and Annika McGraw
Laguna Beach, CA

I am thrilled with my purchase of "Dahlia" from Posemuckl Farm. Martina has brought her along slowly and
correctly making her a joy to ride. Dahlia is still getting a bit more training with Martina before I bring her
home. Dahlia has had the perfect beginning to last her a lifetime and I plan on keeping her that long. She is
my absolute dream horse. I could not be any happier!    
Christa and Dahlia

Email from Margie after Mister (Chief) arrived at his new home in Nevada:
Day 2 mucho better!  No green squirty poop He was out hanging out with his buddies next door all day, such a fast
friendship. You should have seen him look at the cows across the street, or rather the bulls. He was like are those
horses? Or what! hahahha.
Im like you, If I don't get my food watch out. I really think that had a lot to do with it, cause today I have a different horse. I
saw him drink and eat, He's nice and warm with the blanket on. Tomorrow I load Mr. Popular (he is quite a hit in the
neighborhood, and friends from  the gym wants to come meet him) to take him to Kathy's. He is like a dog, he follows
me when cleaning, I love him.

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the ride.
I know i needed it but when i got home i just felt soooo much better
than when i left ;)
Lookin forward to our next one.

Danke! War super Unterricht und hat viel Spass gemacht!

Brooke wrote:
"Well, Donnie is almost done with his first 30 days of riding, and he is Wonderful!! So relaxed, brave, willing and
beautiful flowing movement. I truly couldn't be happier. Thanks Martina for selling me such a great guy!"

Thanks so much!  I haven't had an enlightening lesson like that in a long time.  My seat is so much better now, and I'm
looking forward to learning even more.  I love how patient you are and I never feel pressured.  You definitely have a talent
for explaining everything.  Thanks, Martina!

Thank you so much Martina for my lesson I enjoy it very much and learned a lot!
I've already notice a difference when ridding now.
I wish I met you sooner cause I would of been into Dressage a long time ago if I did.
I like the fact you are very hands on and show me and explain things. I can't wait to have another lesson with you!! : )

Thank you for the wonderful lesson and the encouragement! :)
I am really having fun and I see/ feel the difference myself and want to keep it up- continue forward. Which reminds me, I
am on travel this week Wed-Thurs so I would have to miss my Thursday lesson. I will email you Friday when I am back in
the office to see if you are free for a weekend lesson Sat or Sun. Hopefully it will not rain!

We had fun too.  We have some things to work on, so that’s great!  We both love your positive attitude… it is greatly
Thanks… Linda

Hi Tina!
Danke fuer die Reitstunde gestern! Gut das wir in der Arena waren. Hat echt was gebracht. Sorry das ich so schnell

Email from Brooke after Donauwelle arrived at his new home in Montana:       

Thanks for the vacc info!  Donnie (as we call him) has settled in nicely.  He's out with my two big geldings and is already
quite attached to one of them.  He just follows Reggie (17 hand thoroughbred) around all day and shares his hay pile
with him. He has his winter blanket on (still snowing here) and I've been bringing him in once a day to take the blanket off
and check him out.  He is getting more use to me throwing that blanket on and off of him, he wasn't too sure about it at
first.  He has been such a good boy, I really love him a lot.  He even comes right up to me in the pasture to let me catch
him, and follows me around when I'm out there. I like to do the basic groundwork with them in the halter when they are
this age, it makes things easier when they are bigger, and so I started a little of it today.  He picked it up fast and was
very relaxed about the whole thing so you must have done a great job with him!  I will take some video/pics of him next
week when the weather is nicer and send them to you!

I wanted to send email to tell you how much I appreciate you. Really. I had such a good time in the lesson yesterday (although I was severely
challenged) it is always good to have a successful lesson and then one that is more of a challenge, puts life in perspective.  

John also had a great time, so much so he got out the dressage book Silvia gave me and read it front to back last night. He was SO excited he told me if
he had the $$ he would buy dressage outfits from helmet to boots. He can not wait for his next lesson and I hope we can get him on Satyn as well. Is
that possible Martina? I do not think she can do back to back lessons but was not sure.  

John wants to go over to Steve’s arena this weekend and ride- I will hold him to it!

Thank you both for being such good friends and for encouraging me (as well as John). It was nice to see him so happy (and Stetson and Mavy too).

I slept like a log last night- out all night long.  

Happy Friday!


Thank you, Martina for a great session Saturday. I so much enjoyed riding with you and was impressed with the
progress we made with LuLu.  Now, I cannot wait to see what you can do with my other 12-year old Arabian mare!

When is your next clinic at Greenstone?  Would you ever consider coming to my ranch? We have a complete short
court. I could ask around and hopefully get one or two more riders for you as well to make your day more worthwhile.

Thank you again!